Due to the escalation of concerns about the Corona virus and the need to provide our Clubs with clear guidance about events and activities, it has been decided to suspend all HRCAV competitions until 18th May 2020. The HRCAV will continue to monitor the situation and will extend the period of suspension if necessary. Like the official HRCAV Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/HRCAV-213545695476432/ ) or monitor our website to stay informed.

Event organisers are advised that entry refunds must be provided upon request, with the usual vet or medical certificate requirement waived until competitions resume.

Should you wish to reschedule your event, please contact the office for advice. The event calendar on our website will be updated regularly.

Clinics and rallies can still be conducted at the discretion of the Club committee as long as precautionary measures to help protect those in attendance are implemented. Such measures would include:

• members feeling unwell to stay at home,
• avoid close social contact at the rally,
• byo food and drinks,
• hand soap/sanitiser in toilets and kitchens.

For further information about Covid 19 go to:


This decision has been made to support the health and safety of our members, families and communities. We find ourselves in a rapidly evolving situation and will share updates as soon as possible.