Additional conditions of entry shall be noted on the event program
  1. This event is open to members of clubs affiliated with the HRCAV and will be conducted under HRCAV rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of all competitors to comply with these rules and regulations.
  2. Riders must fulfil qualifying requirements for TTT events (Event rule 40.7)
  3. All riders must present a valid Membership and Dressage performance card prior to riding. (Event rule 5.2)
  4. Riders must compete at their assessed level for Dressage. (Event rule 40.2.2)
  5. Competitors must supply their own bridle or saddle blanket numbers (Event rule 10.1).
  6. Approved safety helmets and boots must be worn at all times whilst mounted. (Event rule 9.3)
  7. Clubs may enter teams of 3 or 4 riders. Clubs unable to field a complete team/s, may enter 1 or 2 riders from their club with a request they be placed with riders from another club to form a composite team. The composite team to be determined by the organizing committee. (Event rule 40.5)
  8. If balloting of teams is required, it will be done as per Event rule 40.8
  9. All Teams must supply one volunteer helper. Teams that do not provide a volunteer helper will be eliminated. (Event rule 40.4)
  10. Schedule of Team Prizes will be as per Event Rule 40.9
  11. Schedule of Individual Prizes will be as per Event Rule 40.10
  12. Protests must be lodged within 30 minutes of posting of interim results and must be accompanied by deposit nominated by the OC which will be forfeited if the protest is not upheld. (Event rule 27)
  13. Random swabbing may occur (Event rule 36.2)
  14. Refunds will not be paid unless a Veterinary and/or Medical Certificate is lodged with the Event Secretary. Such Certificate will not be recognised for the purpose of refunds if lodged more than 14 days after the completion of the Event. (Event rule 16.3)
  15. Competitors may only enter one horse in a TTT event. If insufficient entries are received, competitors may enter more than one horse if approved by the Organising Committee. A horse can only be ridden by the one competitor, at the one level and in one team. A rider competing on more than one horse must compete each horse in a different team. (Event rule 40.6)
  16. Scratchings (Event rule 16) must be made: