The HRCAV insurance scheme provides personal accident and public liability insurance for Clubs and members. The policies are tailored to address the particular needs of our association and it’s members. An annual fee is levied to cover the cost of the program. The insurance summaries linked below provide details of the scope and level of cover.

While the HRCAV insurance provides a certain level of cover, individuals should consider their personal needs and seek advice if additional cover may be warranted. Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd has been a trusted insurer of the Equine Industry for many years and understand the needs of our members. They are happy to assist if additional cover is being considered.

HRCAV Insurance Broker:

Allira Gould
Account Executive – Equine
T: +61 439 947 338
E: [email protected]

HRCAV_Clubs Insurance Summary 2023-2024

Note: a pandemic exclusion has been applied to the Club Management Liability policy

HRCAV_Members Insurance Summary 2023-2024

Your Gow-Gates Service Team – HRCAV

Our insurance broker, Gow-Gates  Insurance Group, can provide a competitive quote for Equestrian Coach public/product liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Commonly asked questions

Does my HRCAV insurance cover me when competing in non HRCAV events?

If you are competing on your HRCAV horse in non HRCAV events you are covered under the Public Liability policy. You are covered under the Personal Accident policy when competing in non HRCAV events which align with the disciplines offered by the HRCAV except when competing in jumping disciplines at a level higher than your assessed level on that horse or if you are riding an unassessed horse.