The HRCAV Manual covers all rules and guidelines of the HRCAV. The Manual, all forms and appendices and a quick reference guide of HRCAV policies can be found here HRCAV Manual

Recent and proposed rule changes can be found here Summaries of recent rule changes.


Three Phase Equitation (3PE) rules can be found here

3PE rules for unofficial competitions 050318

Appendix 1 3PE obstacle guidelines 050318

Appendix 2 Style Phase test sheets 050318

Appendix 3 Speed Test score sheet

3PE Jackpot score sheet – Excel format

Clubs are permitted to run 3PE competitions in accordance with the above rules. These will be unofficial events which must be preapproved by the HRCAV. Clubs interested in running 3PE competitions should contact the office to register the date of their event at least 8 weeks prior to the event. The event program, course plans and $35 fee must be forwarded to the office at least 6 weeks prior to the closing date for entries. The 3PE Sub Committee will need to approve your course plans.

The 3PE Sub Committee will be happy to support any Clubs wishing to hold a 3PE competition and invites members to offer ideas and input on these rules. Please forward your feedback to the HRCAV office;