Are you interested in forming a new HRCAV Club?

The HRCAV is an association of horse riding Clubs. Membership of the Association is open to Clubs or bodies that embrace the objectives of the Association.

A New Club information pack for Clubs or Associations interested in joining the HRCAV is available upon request from the office.


Renewing Club $110.00 $230.00 $340.00
New Club $260.00 $230.00 $490.00

Are you interested in joining an affiliated Club?

Membership of an HRCAV Club will allow you to participate at Club rallies and clinics and compete at HRCAV events. From Horsham to Orbost, Albury to Eltham and all parts in between, you are likely to find that there is a Club in your area. Many Clubs have links on our website. Please note that you cannot join the HRCAV direct – you will need to join an affiliated Club.

Individual Membership Fees

All fees, including the Club fee and the HRCAV levy and insurance component, are paid to your Club. Club fees can range from $25 per year to $300 per year depending on what services are provided to the members and how the Club is structured. Some require full fees at the start of the year while others have a pay as you ride system. Enquiries regarding the fee structure should be directed to the Club.

The HRCAV levy and insurance fees are compulsory. Fees for 2023/24 (membership year commencing 1st November 2023) are as follows:

HRCAV levy  Insurance Total
Senior member $ 67.00 $103.00 $170.00
Junior member $ 67.00 $ 53.00 $120.00
Non Riding member $ 18.00 $ 22.00 $ 40.00
Chaff Chat magazine*

*Chaff Chat is not a compulsory Charge. Members receive an online copy as part of their membership.

Hard copy annual subscriptions are available via our on-line shop at $120.