The HRCAV is a proud supporter of Racing Victoria’s Off The Track program.

Racing Victoria’s equine welfare team has launched an exciting new post-racing platform, known as the Off The Track Community. You can view the website at

OTT Community members will be able to find and claim their horse, promote their progress post-racing and take advantage of a range of exclusive content and educational offerings to support their passion for retired racehorses.

The portal will be progressively developed with plans for a sale and transfer portal, expanded educational tools to support those caring for an OTT horse and an incentive-based membership that will open the door to deals, offerings and prizes for community members.

The community will also incorporate a full circle program for previous owners to be registered as an emergency contact in case a horse they previously owned requires additional support.

Another benefit of the community is the direct access prospective and current OTT horse owners will have to RV’s statewide network of acknowledged retrainers to assist them in identifying their perfect next horse, retraining or providing advice on how to care for their thoroughbred.

Many HRCAV members own Off The Track thoroughbreds. We salute Racing Victoria’s equine welfare team for their work in supporting horses and owners.