The HRCAV is planning to introduce helmet tagging to ensure that helmets worn at all HRCAV events comply with current standards. It is envisaged that Club Secretaries will be amongst the nominated officials given the authority to tag compliant helmets. This will involve checking the label against labels reproduced in the Manual. If the helmet is not fit for purpose, eg: clearly too large or clearly damaged, they will have the authority to decline to tag it.


The proposed new rule is shown below. Please send any comments on the proposed wording and intent to [email protected] prior to 1st May.


PROPOSED – ‘Event rule 9.3.1 – all helmets must be tagged to indicate that are fit for purpose and meet the standards required in HRCAV and/or Equestrian Victoria. HRCAV tags (green) or Equestrian Victoria tags (yellow) are accepted. HRCAV tagging is to is to be undertaken by a nominated official listed in Appendix ….’